A mid-sized fortified town carved into a mountain and situated over substantial mineworks, Graystone is the northernmost part of the empire. Recently occupied by an Imperial garrison following a massive Orc incursion, the population is almost evenly split now between Dwarves and Humans

~2,500, mostly Humans and Dwarves, though at least a few individuals of all the civilized races are in residence.

Standing force of guards from the Baron’s Imperial soldiers, and a sizable militia from the Dwarf clans, as well as the Human population.

Mostly trade in ores and a few gemstones, as well as meat and furs. Imports include produce, grain, and some finished goods from the south. The Dwarves also do a brisk business in metalwork, and there is frequent trade between Graystone and some small mining/hunting outposts in the region.


  • The Grand Temple
    Contains shrines to Bahamut, Moradin, and The Raven Queen (in her guise as the Goddess of
    Winter). Located in the Gold Quarter, close to the halls of the more affluent Dwarf clans.
    They provide healing and ressurection services, for a fee, as well as selling religious
    rituals and their components.
  • Imperial Temple
    Located in the Imperial Quarter, near the Baron’s residence, this temple is dedicated to
    Erathis. It also provides lodging for a small chapter house of the Knights of the Sword. These
    travelling warriors work to expand and protect the frontiers of civilization, in accordance
    with Erathis’ teachings.
  • Mining Guild
    Largely Dwarf-run, the Miner’s Guild oversees all of the business directly relating to the
    mines, both in Graystone itself and in the surrounding outposts.
  • Smithing Guild
    Similar to the Mining Guild, it is again run mostly by Dwarves. They oversee production of
    finished metalwork that comes out of Graystone, as well as the smelting and refining of the
    ores the Mining Guild digs up.
  • North Imperial Mercantile Combine
    A chapter house of this Human owned merchant’s group is located close to the Baron’s residence
    in the Imperial Quarter. They arrange shipping of goods in and out of Graystone, making
    themselves a tidy profit along the way.
  • Imperial Legion Garrison
    Ever since they lent aid to the town during the Orc invasion twenty-five years ago, the
    Imperial Legion has maintained a small garrison here, no larger than one hundred men. They
    have enough soldiers to patrol the city and some of the closer settlements, but any extra work
    must be taken on by auxiliaries.


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