Exile to Graystone

July 24, Year 157 of Kelaine

Goblins and Spiders and Orcs All Die

We did indeed find some Orcs.
For the most part, it was an easy cleanup. The Orc soldiers posed little challenge, and their traps and secrets were laughably simple. Oddly enough, we received aid from some Goblins, who were apparently slaves of the Orcs. Before today, I’d never met an intelligent Goblin, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. It would have been nice of them to warn us about the spider, but that was a challenge easily overcome.
A considerably closer shave was our run-in with the Orc spellcaster and his cronies. I watched Rhaegar go down to an axe; I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him involuntarily hit the floor. Luckily I managed to shove a healing potion down his throat and he was back in business in no time. All told, we took care of the Orcs with little trouble.
If anything, the most stressful moment of our recon mission came during the hike to Cragmere. We saw a shryke. By which I mean, as we were cowering under a fallen tree for shelter, we saw a small rodent disappear in a flurry of talons. If I never face a shryke myself it’ll be too soon.
We collected a nice bounty on the Orc chieftain, though, so it seems the minor inconvenience was worth it.



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